Oaknest tenants

As a tenant of one of the Oaknest properties you can be assured that we will maintain the same level of service for tenants and landlords.

If you have been selected to be one of our tenants it’s for good reason.

We want to make sure that you can move into the property with as little disruption as possible, and can settle in and enjoy living in your new home for the duration of your lease.

Our tenants enjoy many benefits:

  • One property manager to handle all aspects of the management
  • Access to the tenant portal where you can see a snapshot of your information. When is your rent paid to? Are there any any outstanding invoices? Communication directly via the portal ensures a thorough record of all correspondence
  • Maintenance is reported and tracked through the property portal. Simply log a request and watch the job move through various processes until completion. Easy!
  • We inspect the property every 3 months and are available to check and discuss required maintenance. The inspection is quick and easy with minimal disruption
  • Receipted payments
  • Prompt response to queries
  • Option to have all property service connections handled for you, so all you have to do is pack and move in
  • Emergency contact details to ensure you are covered at any time